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General Wellness Consult

Looking to up your wellness game? Optimize your health? Need an overhaul? Book an a la carte consult, and let's get started!

Additional Treatment Options — Not In-Person Consultations:
Pick My Brain - Answering your questions about health & wellness  | $450

$450 Initial fee (Follow-Up Consult Fees Vary)

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Hormone Reset

In both men and women, hormones begin to decline around the age of 30.  The impact of these hormonal changes can manifest in many different ways: mood changes, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, hot flashes and more...

Hormone management, including using Bioidentical Hormones is an incredible, and often life-changing option. 

*These are in-person consults, and include a consult with our ND, MD, nutritionist, as well as a protocol and hormone prescriptions.
Blood work is scheduled at regular intervals, with visits every 2-3 months. 

$750 (Depost for annual care)

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Weight Loss, Keto & Fasting Consult 

This is NOT a crash diet or weight loss program. This is a personalized plan, to address the factors that may be impeding your ability to achieve your weight loss goals. A comprehensive assessment that incorporates intermittent fasting, as well as includes dietary changes, supplements, and prescriptions as needed (including Ozempic).

Regular follow-Ups are scheduled monthly, to help keep you on track. The fee includes consults with you ND, MD and nutritionist at varying intervals. 


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Peptides & Longevity

Peptide therapy can be an incredible option for longevity, brain health, pain mangement, muscle buolding, sleep and more...
These are in-person/virtual consults, and include a consult with out ND, MD, nutritionist, as well as a protocol and peptide recommendations. Blood work is scheduled at regular intervals, with visits every 2-3 months. 
Concierge Services - Longevity Annual Care 
Include dedicated, Comprehensive Care with your  ND, MD, & nutritionist 
Direct contact with your doctor.
Visits booked with 48-72 hours (based on need)

$210 - $457/ month

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Lyme Disease

  • Education session - Answering your questions about Chronic Complex illness, lyme, mold, metals  |  $450
  • Treat my Lyme & Lyme reset - New options, revamp of you protocol, explore new testing  |  $650
  • Do I have Lyme? Determining if you might have lyme disease  |  $200
  • Bitten by a tick -  What do I do?   |  $200

varied - see above

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BUNDLE: I need it all!

Are you looking for a little bit of everything wrapped up into a consult?

Hormones, peptides, longevity medicine, blood work, a comprehensive review of your health, answers to all of your health & wellness questions? Then this bundle id for you!

This 120-min, focused consult gets to the root of your needs, and includes a detailed protocol and written overview of your care and plan moving forward. 


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Annual Longevity Medical

An annual medical that surpasses the typical executive medical. We don't just want a stress test, we want to understand who you are at your core, and how that impacts your longevity. 


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Supplement Overhaul or Bloodwork review

Need to rearrange your current protocol? Are you taking the right things for your current state of health? Is your cupboard full of supplements that you don't know what to do with? Can't remember why you bought them, much less if should even be taking them?
Are you looking for another set of eyes on your blood work? Your were told everything is fine, but you don't feel fine. Are you wondering if you need additional markers tested?

Fill out a short health assessment, send us your supplement list or blood work, and we'll give you our thoughts! 
*These are not in-person consults. You will receive a written report


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Second Opinion Consult & Navigating the healthcare system

  • Need a second set of eyes on your current health? 
  • Do you need assistance and options on where to turn next, who you should see, what kind of medical services and tests are available and should you be accessing?
  • Not in Ontario? I'm happy to provide my thoughts and opinions regarding your health, without taking on your care. 


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