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Prevention is Better Than Cure...

“At least 80% of premature heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer could be prevented through healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoidance of tobacco products”.
World Health Organization (WHO)

Let me work with you and determine the best method of health promotion and prevention. I look not only at your current health state, but at your past and your family medical history, in order to assess personal areas of focus. My safe and natural protocols work effectively on their own or in conjunction with current medical interventions and medications.


Weight Management

Weight loss and weight management are a constant struggle for so many people.
With all the new “fads” and “cleanses” people are losing weight quickly, and gaining it back even faster.
Learn how to follow a balanced weight loss plan, a balanced lifestyle, with sustainable results.

Healthy Detoxification

Our ability to detoxify is not as simple as you night think. Although our bodies have innate detox pathways and systems, it doesn’t mean they function optimally.  Did you know that you have genes that manage detoxification? If you are missing 1 (or more!) of the genes needed to help your system rid itself of toxins, then you experience a slow accumulation, that can lead to health complications down the road. From something as simple as acne, or chronic sinus infections, to brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, migraines and more…
Unless you live a life that embodies perfect sleep, no stress, a healthy organic diet, zero alcohol, and no exposure to environmental toxins… then it’s probably time to detox!
I’ll help you do this safely, effectively, and based on YOUR personal health.

Stress Management

Stress, whether emotional, physical or mental, causes a series of  hormonal changes in the body.
Under cases of severe stress, the body isn’t able  to regulate these changes, and we suffer unwelcome consequences, such as:
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Digestive Problems
  • Increased Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
We have the tools to help you manage your stress. And during those times when the stress levels can’t be changed,  and stress management techniques just aren’t enough, we can support your body and balance those hormonal changes, through natural supplementation.

Healthy Aging

How we age has to do with every aspect of our lives – how we eat, what we put on our skin, chemical exposure, skin care products.  Our goal, as we age, is not necessarily to increase the number of years in our lives, but to improve the quality of those years. 
If one more person says “It’s all down hill after 30/40/50…”
This doesn’t have to be the case! We want to remain functional, vibrant, and sharp-minded. And we can. 
I will help you investigate the contributors to unhealthy aging: Toxins, hormonal imbalance, impact of chronic stress, underlying inflammation, poor detoxification.
I can then help you biohack your way to optimizing your health as you age.

Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a mother’s life. But with this amazing miracle comes questions, doubts and concerns.
As moms-to-be, you want to make sure you are giving your growing baby all the care and nutrients needed to form a strong and healthy child.
I want to help you in that quest, and make sure that we also maintain strong, healthy Mom’s along the way.

Chronic Pain

“Over 18% of Canadians suffer from severe chronic pain. At any given moment, 1/2 of all Canadians will have experienced some kind of pain. 
The estimated annual cost of chronic pain is estimated to exceed $10 billion” – Chronic Pain Association of Canada
Chronic pain has so many more solutions than simple symptom management. The key is finding the underlying drivers that are causing the pain, and tackling those first.
Did you know that your brain can become wired for pain? And that to treat the pain, we have to overwrite these pain pathways in the brain.  That’s called Neuroplasticity. 
Did you know that infection can also contribute to pain? Mold toxicity, Lyme Disease, Underactive thyroid… these things need to be assessed, and addressed appropriately.
I want to help you find the solutions that can help you live pain free.

Cold and Flu – Immune Support

  • That saturated fats actually impair the function  of the immune  system?
  • That 1 can of pop (10 tsp of sugar!!!) can decrease your immune system by 50% for up to 8 hours?
  • That individuals  who get less than 7 hours of sleep are 3x more likely to catch a cold?
I can help you learn how to support your immune function, and  provide the lifestyle changes, diet, supplements and education that allow you to keep your immune system strong.

Cognition & Memory

There are many natural therapies that can help to boost focus, concentration and memory.  Additionally, many lifestyle factors play a role in our ability to think clearly.
Type II Diabetes sufferers are not only at a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, but are more likely to be affected earlier in life.  Even elevated blood sugar levels can impair cognition.
Did you know that 65% of Alzheimer’s patients are women, likely due to the decline in estrogen after menopause.
I can help you understand the underlying factors that impact cognition, and help you support brain function, ideally BEFORE you start to experience any types of cognitive decline. 


An allergy refers to so much more than just seasonal allergies. This can encompass food allergies, chemical sensitivities, scent sensitivities, poor reaction and response to medications or supplements. 
There are often reasons that allergies arise in the first place… is is microbiome dysfunction? Infection disrupting your immune system? 
There is so much to investigate that extends beyond a simple allergy medication to treat your symptoms.
I’m here to help.

Men’s Health

As men and women age, we develop specific health concerns, related solely to one or the other. Often, as women move through life, they have concerns of menstruation, fertility, hormonal imbalances, peri-menopause, and post-menopause. Men have similar concerns as they age, with prostate health, cardiac disease, fertility and sperm quality.
Hormonal concerns seem to be common in both men and women, contributing to libido, abdominal weight gain, and acne, among other things.
We address your specific concerns, and work with you to bring balance where needed,  and to prevent any of your own specific health concerns later in life.

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