Tips for Detoxing the Right Way

We all have our resolutions and one of the most popular ones is to get back in shape and make sure we detox all the excess from the holiday season. Dr. Andi provides a how-to guide on Detoxing, the right way.

What are you actually doing when you detox?

Although most of us try a detox for weight loss, it’s not the actual purpose, just a really great end result and excellent motivator to help keep you on track! What you’re actually trying to do is support your organs of elimination (liver, kidney and gut specifically) and limit your exposure to foods & chemicals that can stress the body out.

We take our car in for an oil change every few months – flush out the gunk, tune it up and fill it back up with healthy clean oil. We need to do the same thing with our bodies. Especially after the holiday seasons – our livers need a break, and some support.


What a Detox is and ISN’T:

Detox DOES NOT equal starvation. You’re not slashing calories and living on lemon water and cayenne. You’re replacing unhealthy foods with detox friendly foods.

You don’t have to count calories like crazy or weigh your foods (although portion control does play a factor here). Just focus on healthy detox choices.


Supplements are essential, but this means taking the right products that support those key organs (liver, gut, kidneys) and enhance their health and function. NOT taking products (read: laxatives) that flush you out and nothing more.

Some Detox Tips:

  • Cut the crap. out of your diet. ALL of it. I know this sounds painful, but it’s not that bad.
  • Key things to take out: SUGAR. SUGAR. dairy, alcohol, gluten (although I like to take this a step further and take out grains). Caffeine – this one’s debatable. Depends on you and your personal state of health.  This sounds daunting, but it’s really not that awful! And it’s not for that long!
  • If you keep the coffee in, give yourself a 2 cup limit (and I don’t mean 2 Venti’s)
  • Eat fresh, local and organic produce, when possible
  • Cook for yourself and avoid processed, pre- packaged foods
  • Just say no to instant, microwaveable dinners
  • Know where you can eat in advance. Don’t get thrown off track because you can’t find a place to eat close to your work.
  • Juicing is great (just add in the healthy fats and some protein)


141215_URBNblog_MP0042About Dr.Andra Campitelli:
Dr. Andra Campitelli, ND, is a leading North American Naturopathic Doctor, and divides her time between her Toronto-based practice and working extensively in the nutraceutical industry. She has a unique appreciation and understanding that education is the key to empowering individuals to take an active role in their own health and well-being.
Dr. Andi is the President, co-founder and formulator of Plan C (www.NoOneLikesAHangover.com ), a novel hangover prevention supplement, and the founder of Campitelli Health (www.CampitelliHealth.com).
She also serves as the resident Naturopathic Doctor at the Active Therapy Clinic at The Granite Club located in Toronto, as well as an educator and health specialist for Pruvit Inc (www.DrAndi.PruvitNow.com ), a US-based nutraceutical company

Originally published: in Girls of T.O [http://www.girlsofto.com/tips-for-detoxing-the-right-way/]