Most people have tried one diet or another and just can’t seem to find one that works, or maintain their results. There are many different reasons for that and I’m going to give you my Top 10 Weight Loss Tips to getting (and keeping) that weight off!

10) Avoid FAD diets

Every time you turn around there is a new diet being marketed that promises you extreme amounts of weight loss in very short periods of time.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Crash diets and losing extreme amounts of weight in short periods of time are not only unsustainable, but unhealthy too! The average weight loss is 2 lbs per week, so be patient, get on track the right way and your body will lose the weight (and keep it off) as it should. Looking for a good place to start? Try and complete your personal profile in the 5 key areas of health: Nutrition, Vitamins, Exercise, Attitude and Sleep,  to get that balance in your life and start you on the way to healthy weight loss.

If you live well, you will never have to diet a day in your life (hard to believe, but very true).

9) Supplementation

The key is making sure our body has the nutrients it needs! Often, we find we are doing all the right things, but just can’t seem to shed the pounds.  If we are going to take on a new exercise program or weight loss plan, make sure you’re giving your body everything it needs. If  you’re deficient in any vitamins or nutrients, it could be working against. For example:  low B Vitamins, could be contributing to fatigue, making your workouts a challenge.  Or lack of joint support supplements, and joint pain that makes your workouts painful or impossible.

Other times, our metabolism may have slowed to a crawl, and could use a little help getting back on track.

We want to make sure we use our Truestar supplements to keep our body healthy, and naturally assist us in reaching our.

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8) It’s ok to cheat… sometimes.

We all have our little treats that we enjoy, and the goal of weight loss is not to miss out on the things you love. Life is all about balance.  Often, when we restrict our selves so severely, when we fall off the wagon, we fall hard! Instead of having on small bite of chocolate, or a few pieces of your favourite candy, you end up eating the entire chocolate bar, with a whole bag of candy, followed by ice cream for dessert. This is not going to help your weight loss goals!! As long as you eat well 80% of the time, you’re doing well!! Allow yourself that treat every now and then, and avoid those unhealthy binges.

 7) Exercise: It’s more than just cardio

Many people assume that weight loss is all about cardio, especially women, who are terrified to “bulk up” when they life weights. It’s actually quite difficult to build large amounts of muscle, but you do need some! Muscle burns fat and boosts the metabolism. So if you want to lose weight, you need to mix weight training with cardio for the best results.

6) Truestar Nutrition

Many people think that losing weight means they have to cut out an entire food group. This is completely false! All of the meals on are hormonally balance with the perfect ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in EVERY meal. Our bodies NEED those nutrients for a reason – so if anyone tells you to cut them out, be skeptical!! Your body relies on these nutrients to function, and as long as you are eating them in the right proportions, then you don’t have to be concerned!

5) Manage your stress

Have you ever noticed that you seem to gain weight when you’re stressed? It’s not all in your mind- or in the treats that you reach for when you’re feeling overwhelmed (although emotional eating will definitely work against your weight loss goals!!).

When we’re stressed, we release an excess amount of the hormone called cortisol, that actually causes our body to pack on the pounds – and it sends it right to the midsection! So be sure to manage your stress accordingly!

4) Drink, Drink, Drink

Often we mistake thirst for hunger! And what our body really needs is water, but we find ourselves reaching for food instead.  Hydration is key! Chronic dehydration can trigger misleading hunger cues and food cravings as the body turns to food to satiate its need for water.

Additionally, dehydration can make us feel fatigued, headachy or cause “Crashing” energy making us think we need food or sugar, and then we pair that with a coffee to get that energy kick. So be sure to keep hydrated and avoid unnecessary calories!

3) Make wise drink choices

I prefer to consume my calories rather than drink them!  Juice and alcoholic beverages are full of unneeded sugar and calories – not to mention additives, chemicals and aspartame, which our bodies really don’t need. So make smart choices when it comes to what you drink.   If you have a glass of juice, make sure it is 100% natural, with no sugar added, and count that as one fruit consumed that day. Even though it’s a natural sugar, it’s still sugar! And can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and excess can be stored as fat. Same goes for wine, so just be wise when making your choices.

2) Eating fat won’t make you fat

Often, people think that eating fat will make them fat. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As mentioned above, our bodies need fat – but it comes down to the KIND of fat. Eating healthy fats, like avocado or olive oil is actually good for, and will NOT contribute to weight gain when eaten in the right proportions.

1) Stay motivated!

Don’t let setbacks, or slip-ups discourage you and cause you to give up! We all make mistakes, so be patient and realistic with your goals and expectations. And keep at it, no matter what setbacks you face.

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