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Clean Start Cleanse

June 20, 2019

Being healthy is more than just managing your health when you’re sick. It’s about prevention, by creating a new way of
living: eating well, living with passion, exercising for pleasure, and understanding the value and the impact that these
things have on your life. I want to be there with you, to help you along the way.


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So many people are terrified to start a Detox of any kind because of all the misleading information out there, as well
as the side effects of some of the extreme supplements used in various Detox programs. Remember, laxative use
does not equal detoxing. Neither does starvation. If weight loss is your goal, these things WILL get you there in an
extreme and unsafe way. But, chances are, you’ve tried this already and you’re still trying to lose that weight!
So let’s do this properly. Together.

There are three Versions of the CleanStart Cleanse each with different phases and different dietary changes:
Foundation, Digestive & Candida.

They can be used to kick start your weight loss, as a gentle cleanse, or as a dietary and supplement program for
people with suspected food sensitivities, digestive concerns [gas? bloating? constipation? reflux?] and/or people
suffering from Candida.

It is designed to omit from your lifestyle foods and chemicals to which you may be sensitive or that may be having a
negative impact on your health and your body, as well as attacking Candida overgrowth, if necessary. It can help
reset your body and your metabolism, identify food sensitivities, improve digestion, improve your immune
system, get rid of that annoying bloated feeling, brain fog & fatigue, push pass your weight loss plateaus,
kick your sugar cravings, boost your energy and so much more…

The CleanStart does not eliminate any food groups – carbs, fats and proteins are allowed! (we’re just changing
how you eat them). The focus is a healthy diet that will fit into you busy life and create sustainable results. No
extremes. No crazy.

I want to help you be the healthiest version of you!


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