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April 30, 2019

In this knowledge and information packed 72-page guide, I’ll give you shopping lists, meal planning, answers to your bursting questions and more when it comes to The Ketogenic Diet!

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If you’ve been following the current diet trends, you have you probably heard about The Ketogenic Diet. This diet is far from a fad (it was created in the 1920’s!), however, the fad trend and hype have led many people in this direction, armed with misinformation and often confusion about the benefits, safety and even adherence to this kind of lifestyle.

As the research continues to emerge, and the “hype” continues to grow, the desire to embark on the Keto journey is mounting. As is the confusion as to what it is, why to follow it and how to do it right.

Although I won’t be bogging you down with the research in this extensive guide, (we’ll save that for another book!), I will be helping you determine if this diet can help you, and I’ll give you the steps to get you on the right track.

I’m here to help! Here’s what you can look forward to in this guide:

  • Information on Medically-Based, Healthy Keto
  • Knowledge on Intermittent Fasting a.k.a “IF”
  • Shopping Lists
  • A 7-Day Meal Plan
  • Answers to Your Frequently Asked Keto Questions
  • Myth Busting Popular Misconceptions About Keto
  • And So Much More!!!

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