When it comes to food cravings, we all know how it feels to get that sudden urge for a treat that we just can’t seem to resist! Some of us seem to crave foods more than others, and most of those cravings have us scouring our cupboards for chocolate, sweets, chips or other salty and fatty foods. So, do our cravings come down to lack of will power, or is there something else that may be contributing to our cravings? Truestar.com is going to help you curb those cravings once and for all!

Studies are finding that food cravings may actually be due to our hormones being a little out of balance!

The first one is serotonin.

This is our “feel good” hormone that works in the brain and plays a role in our sleep, attitude and mood. Serotonin actually sends a signal to the brain that we are full. When serotonin levels are low, our appetite can actually increase. On top of that, we end up reaching for foods that increase the levels of serotonin. These foods typically end up being sugary ones or starchy selections that give us a sense of instant gratification, as they increase those “feel good” chemicals.

But, Truestar has a solution for getting those hormones back in balance. If your serotonin levels might be a little low, then TrueCraving Control can help! It contains 5-HTP, an ingredient that encourages the production of serotonin, which may be effective in reducing cravings due to an imbalance in this hormone.

Sleep and stress are also huge culprits when it comes to hormonal disruption, and the key player here is cortisol, our primary stress hormone. Cortisol is realised in response to any form of stressor, and is the main player in all of those negative side effects caused by stress, such as weight gain and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also plays a huge role in food cravings and in stimulating our appetite. Sleep deprivation can actually contribute to increasing those cortisol levels. New studies are finding that sleep deprivation after three to four nights, actually causes your brain to signal that you’re in a state of famine! This means, even though you have eaten enough calories to get you through the day, your body still thinks you need more, and will trigger food cravings, causing you to reach for those “quick fix” fuels that your body doesn’t really need.

Truestar has a solution for dealing with stress. For those of us that need a little help when it comes to managing our stress, and therefore our cortisol levels, try TrueStress Support

Sleep will also throw off two other key hormones: leptin, an appetite suppressant, and ghrelin, an appetite stimulant. When we suffer from sleep deprivation, our body decreases leptin and increases ghrelin. This means we eat more, increasing those food cravings throughout the day! So, make sure you get your beauty sleep to help you manage those food cravings! (See article: “Are You Getting Your Beauty ZZZs? for more tips on improving your sleep!).

The final factor that we need to keep in balance is blood sugar!

When we engage in unhealthy eating behaviors, such as eating simple sugars, that cause our blood sugar to sky-rocket and then plummet, we end up craving and searching for those unhealthy foods to give us that energy kick. It’s important not to use food cravings as an excuse, thinking your “body needs it”. When we crave food, it’s a sign that our body is deficient in a nutrient – but not sugar, or chops or doughnuts. So, make sure you’re eating well and in balance to keep your blood sugar regulated and your nutrient status where it needs to be.

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Best of Luck!