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I want to help you.

At P3 health, my clinic of practice, we have focused strongly on the integrative treatment of Lyme Disease for almost 4 years. We, as practitioners, understand the challenges faced by patients when it comes, not only to treatment, but to adequate diagnosis.  So imagine my surprise, when in SEPT. 2017, after almost 1 year of feeling unwell, I discover that I too have Lyme Disease, in addition to 10 Lyme co-infections.

I now embark on my own treatment, as I help my patients recover from this misunderstood, and often debilitating, condition.

We’ve got this. We’re getting healthy. Together

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A Comprehensive Approach

The diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease can be long and challenging. At P3 Health, we work as an integrative team, to beat Lyme from all angles. It’s not just about the antibiotics (although this is often an essential piece of the puzzle, and it’s more than 1 antibiotic for 1 week to a month), but about the herbals, your genomic profile; understanding your genetics, and your body’s ability to fight this condition, from detoxification, methylation, immune and more.

Under the care of both an ND and MD, we look at all the pieces that lead you here. We complete comprehensive metabolic, nutrient, mycotoxin, heavy metal,  hormonal and Lyme (plus Lyme co-infection) testing.With these results in hand, and a better understanding of how your body works, we create a comprehensive treatment plan, that encompasses nutraceuticals, botanicals, antibiotics, detoxification, and so much more.It’s this kinf of approach that helps you heal.

I understand what you’re going through. I know how it feels. and I ‘m here to help.  


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