During the winter months, as much as we try and avoid it, we tend to move towards more indoor, sedentary activities. And, during the colder months, we often let exercise and fitness routines lag or halt altogether. But, with the change of seasons comes renewed energy and renewed goals, so let’s work on getting those fitness goals back on track!

1)  Keep it Steady

Take your time. If you’re new to fitness or you’ve been off for a while, one of the easiest ways to hurt yourself is to jump in full force after a long lag period. Give your body a chance to warm up and become reaccustomed to physical activities. If you used to run for an hour straight, don’t expect to be able to do the same after a long break, and don’t push yourself to hit that time just because you used to in the past! Be reasonable, take your time and work slowly and steadily towards regaining or establishing your fitness strength and stamina.

2)  Don’t Be a “Weekend Warrior”

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the term, “Weekend Warrior”?  It’s that person who never works out during the week and then goes on a weekend fitness binge to make up for the lack of exercise during the week. This makes it very difficult to maintain gained fitness results and can make you more prone to injury and muscle soreness. Space your workouts out properly, Aim for every other day and you’ll notice much more consistent results.

3)  Mix Up Your Workouts

Try getting into cross training, which means regularly varying the type of workouts you do. This will help keep you focused, motivated and will keep the workouts fun. It also avoids overuse injuries and will strengthen a wider variety of muscles in different ways. Take up weight training, yoga, biking, boot camp, running, anything that has your body moving in different ways – keep it interesting and diverse and you’ll find you’ll reach your fitness goals on target!

4)  Partner Up 

The most common resistance I hear about exercise? It’s boring. Many people pass up their workouts because they don’t enjoy it on their own and get bored easily. So, find a workout partner who is at about the same level of fitness as you and get going together!

5)  Get Outdoors!

Don’t limit your workout to scheduled exercise days, classes and routines. Get outside and get moving whenever possible. Walk to get your morning coffee, take your kids outside for a bike ride or a game of tag, take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, try a quick walk at lunch, bike to work – anything that keeps you moving in a way that you weren’t before.   Just make an effort to get outside and to be active

6)  Supplement Properly!

As great as working out is for us, it can cause wear and tear and stress on the body, so it’s always important to prepare and recover effectively! Keep your nutrient status high with a great multivitamin and get those additional antioxidants with TrueBASICS A/O.  Protein is always key, so depending on your workout type, TrueSTRENGTH or TruePOWER are great supplement options. And, if your knees and joints are feeling a bit rusty, try adding in some
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