It’s that time of year again! You have parties planned, you’re making your bets, buying your food, all so you can watch the Ravens and 49ers meet in New Orleans and battle it out for Super Bowl XLVII!

And, really, what would Super Bowl Sunday be without Super Bowl food, fun, family and friends that go with it?

If you’re a football fan, you’re probably already well aware that this LONG day will be one of your unhealthiest days this year!  How many of you are even going to attempt to resist the myriad of fast-food and soft-drink related ads that dominate the TV waves this time of year? Probably not many! But, that’s ok! Life is all about balance enjoying the things you love in life and indulging in your favorite things every now and then.

That’s where Truestar comes in!  For those of you who have a full day planned, Truestar can help you prepare for and recover from your Super Bowl feast.

Alcohol side effects may be the first thing you might need to counterbalance if you think you might be enjoying a little too much Super Bowl beer. If you do, we need to get some vitamins back into you! Alcohol can actually deplete nutrients from our body which is what causes us to feel a little unwell the next morning and B vitamins are depleted the most quickly. Upping your B vitamins withTrueB Complex the day before, the day of (especially before bed!) and the day after, is a great way to prevent that feeling the next day.  And, don’t forget to stay hydrated and eat which brings us to the next Super Bowl recovery strategy.

With all of the overindulgence in deliciously fried food, you want to help your bodies out as much as you can!  Fighting food cravings won’t be high on the list of priorities today since you’re most likely indulging, so TrueCRAVING Controlwon’t be the best option.  With all the excess sugar from drinks and desserts, you’ll definitely need some TrueGLUCO Control to try and keep blood sugar as balanced as possible and TrueCARB Blocker in order to limit the amount of fats and carbohydrates our bodies absorb.  This will help you avoid the “crash” and that “sick” feeling that tends to set in after a day of unhealthy eating habits.  It’s also a pretty long and stressful day so TrueENERGY will help you get through it all, although you may need a little bit of TrueSTRESS Support if your team doesn’t win!

The day after Super Bowl is a great opportunity to restore some health to a struggling body and digestive tract. You may want to reach for a bottle ofTrueDETOX and Cleanse to get your liver health back to where it should be and to fill your digestive tract with some healing probiotics and fiber.

Enjoy Super Bowl XLVII with Truestar Health!