Energy seems to be the one thing that most of us are lacking! Everyone seems to be looking for that one magic thing that will get rid of that nagging fatigue and help us make it through the day.  So, let’s look at Truestar’s key areas of health and how optimizing each one can give you that energy boost you need!

1) Sleep

According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), 50 to 70 million adults suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Sleep is essential to our ability to function on a regular basis. It’s when our bodies repair, rest and rejuvenate. We all have a pre-determined amount of required sleep. On average, that is about 8 hours, but this can be different for everyone. As we age, we actually require MORE sleep, but we seem to sleep less. If we consistently get less sleep than we need, our bodies go into “sleep debt,” meaning at some point, we have to make up for those lost hours. Unfortunately, this rarely happens and we exist in a state of sleep deprivation, causing lack of energy, poor concentration, decreased alertness, poor decision-making abilities, and even weight gain!

Solution: Try TrueSLEEP if you’re struggling to fall asleep and get those key 8 hours!

2) Attitude & Stress

These two key areas of health tend to go hand in hand. Our attitude actually has a lot to do with our energy levels. New research is constantly emerging, indicating that negative thoughts and emotions actually deplete our energy reserves and contribute to a stress response in our body making us even more tired! We currently live in a society of constant stress, which further depletes our energy reserves. Often, our bodies can even shut down when the stress has been going on for too long. It’s a vicious cycle! Stress can lead to fatigue and poor attitude, and poor attitude can contribute to our stress.

Solution: When stress management techniques just aren’t enough, try TrueEndurance for that much needed energy boost, and to help the body deal with that constant stress response!

3) Exercise

The benefits of exercise are inarguable, especially when it comes to weight loss, cardiovascular health and disease prevention. But, new research is emerging that shows that exercise actually improves mood and energy levels.  Not only is exercise a form of stress relief, it also helps to improve mood by a release of endorphins, sharpens focus and improves decision-making abilities. It was also found that sedentary individuals who performed a regular exercise routine noticed improved energy levels!

Solution: If you’re finding it hard to get motivated or to get the energy you need to get going, then try TrueEnergy for a little extra fuel to keep you going.

4) Nutrition

We all know that nutrition is the key to staying healthy.  But, not only does the type of food we eat impact our energy levels, when and how we consume it can also make a big difference. It all comes down to blood sugar balance. Our energy levels follow our blood sugar. So, any peaks in blood sugar = peaks in energy levels. But, we have to be careful because fast spikes in blood sugar and energy levels, such as those we get from coffee or high simple sugar carbohydrates, means an equally fast drop which will have you reaching for that 10:30 am cup of coffee to get that boost again. It ends up causing an energy yo-yo effect throughout the day. Eating balanced meals, with protein and fats, will keep your blood sugar, and therefore your energy levels, balanced and optimized throughout the day.

Solution: If you need a little assistance with that blood sugar balance, try TrueGluco Control.

In the absence of any condition of nutrient deficiency, we should be able to optimize our energy levels with simple daily changes, such as exercise, a balanced diet, getting the sleep we need, managing our stress and supplementing when we need a little help!

So, get moving and get that energy where it should be!