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Leave the Research to Us!

As the use of natural supplements continues to rise, Consumers of health products are looking for high quality, effective supplements. With many of the products on the market, there is a discrepancy with respect to consistency, dosage, and even ingredients listed on the label versus what is actually found in the bottle.

At Campitelli Health, we recognize the need for high quality supplementation, and for this reason, use only professional brands, not generally found at the local drug store. We use supplements from reputable companies, with high quality standards and laboratory testing.  We can guarantee the purity of the product, and ensure that they are free of additives, chemicals, of toxicities .When it comes to supplementation, you can be confident that at the Campitelli Health Centre, you are getting only the best.

Below, you will find some of the Professional Brands supported by the Campitelli Health Centre: