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Leave the Research to Us!

The use of natural supplements continues to rise, as consumers of health products are looking for high quality, effective supplements.

It is important to understand that with many of the products on the market, there is a discrepancy with respect to consistency, dosage, and even ingredients listed on the label versus what is actually found in the bottle. As a rule of thumb, always purchase your supplements from a reputable health food store, and use professional brands. And of course, work with your naturopath!

I recognize the need for high quality supplementation, and for this reason, I use only professional brands, not generally found at the local drug store. I suggest supplements from reputable companies, with high quality standards and laboratory testing, who ensure the purity of the product, and that they are free of additives, chemicals, of toxicities.

Often times, I will have patients tell me that they tried a given supplement, and it just didn’t work. My first questions are ALWAYS: What was the dosage that you used? How long did you take it for/how did you take it? Which company made that product?

Your health outcomes depend on ensuring you are using a quality product, at the correct dose and in the right way.

I can help you navigate this often overwhelming industry, and set you on a plan with products geared towards your specific goals, and taken the way YOU need in order for them to be effective.

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