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“There are so many pleasures to be experienced; it’s not about eliminating everything we love. It’s about finding a healthy balance – doing what’s right, what feels good AND what makes us healthy and happy! I want to help educate and inspire you to achieve that health and happiness in a way that works for you and that fits into your busy life.

Being healthy is more than just managing your health when you’re sick. It’s about prevention, by creating a new way of living: Eating well, living with passion, exercising for pleasure, and understanding the value and the impact that these things have on your life.

I want to be there with you to help you along the way.”

Dr. Andra Campitelli, ND, is a leading North American Naturopathic Doctor, media expert, and educator, and divides her time between her Toronto-based practice and working extensively in the nutraceutical industry.​

She received her B. Sc. (Hons.) in Biomedical Sciences, with a minor in French Studies, from the University of Guelph before receiving her ND from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM).

She has also appeared on various television and radio programs in order to educate audiences on healthy lifestyles and Integrative Medicine, including appearances on The marilyn Denis Show,  CBC, CP24, CTV News, Wylde on Health and served a guest expert on Mission Makeover Season 3 – a reality show airing on Lifetime Network. She regularly contributes to numerous North American magazines including Chatelaine, Best Health, Elevate and Pink & Blue Baby.
Dr. Andi is a frequent and well-respected speaker, author and guest lecturer throughout Canada and the United States.

Dr. Andi is the CEO, co-founder and formulator of Plan C (www.NoOneLikesAHangover.com ), a novel hangover prevention supplement [acquired November 2017]. She is  an educator and health specialist for Pruvit Inc. (www.ClinicKeto.com ), a US-based nutraceutical company; and served as the resident Naturopathic Doctor at the Active Therapy Clinic at The Granite Club located in Toronto.

More About Dr. Andi

Dr. Andi has a unique appreciation and understanding that education is the key to empowering individuals to take an active role in their own health and well-being. She demonstrates a commitment and passion for health and wellness, fitness and integrated medicine.

Prior to this, Dr. Andi served as the Integrative Medical Director of a prominent North American nutraceutical and wellness company, where she was responsible for the research, development and formulation of industry-leading health products, as well as leading the education and training of Truestar’s team of Wellness Consultants and ever-growing clientele.

In practice, Dr.Andi has established a reputation for providing practical, evidence-based, and down-to-earth care to her patients. She has a particular interest in Hormonal & Metabolic Balance, specifically Bioidentical Hormones, Weight Management & Medical Nutrition, as well as Gastrointestinal & Immune Health. However, Dr. Andi welcomes all health concerns to her practice.

As a former dancer, active athlete and certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, Dr. Campitelli specializes in the use of nutraceuticals and botanicals in her practice, but also places an emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices and positive life changes in her professional treatments.

She regularly lectures on the topic of Integrative Medicine to various health care networks, such as CanFit Pro and Providence Healthcare, and to several university, college and public school boards.